Be A Volunteer At The Ranch

If it wasn't for the VOLUNTEERS, a lot of the work around the ranch wouldn't happen, but it is not all work, we take a well deserved break once in a while.

For questions call the office at 970-586-3749.
or you may Email: The Ranch Office

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Volunteer?

Anybody With two Hands meets all Qualifications

Volunteers continue to support the Ranch today in several ways. They hold a certain interest and dedication to hard work, studying, sharing, and preserving the stories and the events that shaped the Ranch into what it is today.

Here are some ways you can volunteer:

School tour guides
Summer museum docents
Garden helpers
Grounds care around the historic buildings
Weed management and fencing projects
Wagon ride guides
Machinery restoration
Trail crews
Inventory and collections care
Donations of time - money and equipment

For Volunteer opportunities
The Ranch Office

After Muriel MacGregor died in 1970, a group of devoted people began the quest to save the Ranch and develop it into what it is today.

Volunteers ran the Ranch, working the crops, irrigation systems, caring for the livestock and taking care of Ranch maintenance. The same group of people worked countless hours to establish the conservation easement on the Ranch.