Heritage Camp

Heritage Camp this year was a success thanks to all of our wonderful families that got involved. We enjoyed teaching the kids about the Macgregor family and what it is like to live on the ranch. They learned how to brush horses, clean chicken coops, pick vegetables and much more. A special thanks to Intern Kayla and the Colorado FFA state officers for all of their hard work. We wouldn’t be able to run such a wonderful camp without them. If you are interested in signing your child up for Heritage Camp, registration will be open in early Spring.

You can find all the information HERE.

2016 Hay Harvest

MacGregor Ranch is finished with haying for the year. We had a fair harvest this year and put up around 2200 bales. Our staff was out in the field working hard for three weeks straight. We are now ready for the winter weather and will have plenty for the cows and horses to eat.

Our Summer

As the museum and Maude’s come to a close for the year we would like to thank all of our 3,000 visitors for coming out. MacGregor Ranch is a special place and we love sharing it with everyone each summer. Although the museum is closed, there is still have a lot going on. We will begin preparing all the building and equipment for winter . It is important that everything is put away before the snow comes so that nothing gets broke in the freezing weather. We are also looking forward to our volunteer BBQ in September as it gives everyone a chance to share their favorite stories of the year.

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Be a Volunteer

Macgregor Ranch is always looking for volunteers to join our hardworking team. We will host a volunteer training session in the spring of 2016 and would love for you to join us. If you are interested in being a volunteer or have any questions please call Katherine at 970-231-7374 or drop us an email at office@macgregorranch.org. We look forward to seeing everyone back out here in the spring!!