MacGreggor Beef is 100% grass fed and grass finished. The calves, born in early spring, live in open pastures where their mothers are fed grass hay and later graze on the lush green pastures on our ranch and the high mountain meadows above us. We never use steroids or growth hormones. This method takes a little longer than commercially processed beef, about 16-20 months, but we believe the all natural, mountain raised beef we produce is worth the wait.

MacGreggor beef is not only home raised it is also locally processed. All of our meat is processed at a USDA Inspected, custom processing plant and retail meat shop located in Evans CO. Special orders are accepted and quality processing is their trademark.

Innovative Foods LLC
4320 Industrial PKWY
Evans CO 80620

We are absolutely certain that you will find this high demand beef the best meat you have ever tasted.

Due to limited supply we encourage you to place your orders early.